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Term Two

Term Two 

Maths: This Term in Mathematics Euroa have been working towards understanding what a mathematician is. The class have been engaging in open-ended tasks that encourage curiosity, investigation, problem-solving and reasoning. Rather than being explicitly taught mathematical rules such as “the commutative property of addition” and “place value” the students have been exploring numbers on a chess board to discover these rules out of themselves. This approach has not only proven to be more engaging for the students but it has also been improving their understanding of mathematical concepts. At the beginning of the term the students of Euroa believed that mathematicians are only people who are fantastic at maths and get paid to do it. Now they are on a journey of believing they are mathematicians because they persevere on problems, investigate situations for themselves and share their reasoning and strategies for aiding their discoveries.

Visual Arts: Due to student feedback, Euroa reduced the amount using paints to create artworks and focused on using other mediums and techniques to create meaning. At the beginning of the term students used the technique of strategically tearing paper to create a “Sunset Soldier Silhouette” to commemorate the ANZACs. Then students explored Indigenous Australian artworks and used anatomical indigenous techniques and symbols to communicate a story which they passed on orally. Later in the term, students worked with rulers and pencils to create a one-point perspective drawing contrasting a ‘green’ earth to an urban jungle. This supported the students learning during our History unit in which the students explored how our local community has evolved overtime.

Writing: The writing focus for term 2 was exploring and creating texts that persuade the audience. Euroa learnt the O.R.E.O. structure of persuasive writing and practiced using it to guide their writing throughout the term. The students argued their opinions in mini styled debates and discussed whether certain texts were successful at convincing the audience. They studied the use of persuasive techniques such as Rhetorical Questions, emotive language and repetition and applied these techniques to their own writing. The last few weeks of Term 2, Euroa were explicitly taught how to edit their work and enhance it by creating a 2nd draft. They practiced identifying room for improvement and applying student feedback to their own writing. 

Reading: The students read a mixture of texts linking to the history unit. In reading groups students read dreaming stories with the aim of summarising the entire story so that they could pass it on by word of mouth. The students also continued on with their novels focusing on Predicting and Summarising. A majority of the sessions had a focus on finding word meanings by investigating the context. When we couldn’t find a word meaning we then used a dictionary.

History: The overarching theme of the History unit was Australian culture and how it has changed overtime. The unit began with a thorough exploration of Australia’s Aboriginal people. We investigated the totems used by the local Wadi Wadi tribe of the Dharawal Nation. The class then created an informative text highlighting one element of life that has changed e.g. transport and how is has evolved over the years. Finally, Euroa discussed the different events and celebrations that happen in Australia. The students formed pairs to create a ppt. presentation on a celebration they wanted to know more about.

PDHPE: In term 2 Euroa tackled some serious issues regarding child protection. The class was given some pretty challenging case studies but proved themselves highly competent at distinguishing between accident and abuse. We often held pretend court hearings in which each group would bring forward their case and decide on their ruling. On the physical side the PDHPE the class did gymnastics from week 2-8. They had a blast completing different circuits which focused on balance, strength and precision.  

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