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P&C Roles

How do I take up a leadership position?

The P&C Executive Committee (Executive) consists of the association's office bearers (President, 2xVice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer). These positions will become vacant prior to the Annual General Meeting (in Sept). At the AGM any financial member may stand for an office bearer position. A Canteen President will also be elected at the AGM.

Roles & Responsibilities

The following is a brief description of each Executive position:

The President:

·Ensures P&C Association functions to achieves its objectives

·Ensures P&C Association takes part in decision-making processes in the school

·Supports volunteers

·Acts as the P&C Association's spokesperson publicly and with the Principal

·Ensures fair participation of all members and welcomes all new members

·Chairs P&C meetings

The Vice President(s):

·The VPs act as a support to the President undertaking tasks to assist in achieving the  P&C objectives.

·can look on the role as a means of gaining an understanding of the various executive roles

The Treasurer:

·Receives and deposits monies, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts.

·Presents a report in the form of an income and expenditure statement at meetings

 and a reconciled bank statement for each and every P&C meeting.

·Ensures that all funds (including canteen) held and handled by P&C are properly

 and openly accounted for.

·Signatory on the P&C accounts

·Makes recommendations about surplus funds

·Ensures an annual independent audit is undertaken of the P&C funds before the AGM

The Secretary:

·Performs administrative tasks related to the decisions of the meetings as resolved.

·Attends every association meeting and take notes of the discussions in order to

 produce a set of minutes

·Ensures minutes are distributed, amended if required and adopted.

·Receives and conducts correspondence (both snail and email) on behalf of


·Maintains official records of the P&C Association

The Canteen President:

The Canteen operates as a sub-committee under the P&C association. The President manages the tasks related to the effective operation of the canteen including:

·Managing canteen volunteersand convene regular meetings of the canteen


·Promoting the canteen amongst the school community and beyond as required

·Managing internal canteen issues that arise during the school year

·Referring canteen issues as required to the P&C association and executive